10 interviews to make you more productive

On this week’s podcast, my cohost Ardyn and I cover the biggest lessons we’ve learned from our experiments for the podcast, as well as our favorite nuggets of wisdom from the guests we’ve had on the show so far.

Just in case you’re curious to dig into them, here are the 10 favorite interviews we’ve conducted to date—I’ve bolded what you’ll get out of each conversation above the link to play each episode. There’s a link to this week’s episode at the bottom of this post, too, where we share a bunch of things we’ve become better at while doing the podcast.

Have a good week!

We chat about how to minimize the negative effects of technology:

We chat about how our head is for having ideas—not for holding them:

We chat about how to track your time—the most limited resource you have to get things done:

We chat about the productivity benefits of meditation:

We chat about how to determine whether someone who calls themselves an “expert” is worth listening to:

We chat about how to become more resilient:

7. James Clear (author of Atomic Habits)

We chat about how to form new habits—and break existing ones that aren’t serving us:

We chat about science-backed strategies to lose weight:

We chat about science-backed strategies to settle our minds:

We chat about the science of how exercise influences our mental health and overall wellbeing:

Below, Ardyn and I also chat about the biggest lessons we’ve learned from the podcast over the last year and a bit. Enjoy 🙂

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